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The Sixteen Types

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The Types:

















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Famous ISTJs
  • George Washington (1st US President)
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th US President)
  • Richard Nixon (37th US President)
  • Arthur Wellington (UK Prime Minister: 1828-1830)
  • Stonewall Jackson (US Civil War General)
  • Elizabeth II (Queen of England)
  • Sigmund Freud (Psychoanalyst, mentor of Jung and Adler)
  • Warren Buffet (Investor, Philanthropist)
  • Jeff Bezos (Founder of
  • Ingvar Kamprad (Founder of IKEA)
  • Thomas Hobbes (Philosopher)
  • Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany)
  • Pope Benedict XVI (265th Pope)
  • Robert De Niro (Actor)
  • Sean Connery (Actor)
  • Natalie Portman (Actress)
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